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Eli Adler

I moved to San Francisco after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television from Montana State University in 1980.  My first job out of college helped shape me into who I am today.  I worked in the film department for a local corporation shooting and editing sales and marketing films.  Although I was primarily responsible for editing these films, I did my fair share of shooting them as well.  I soon discovered that my passion was behind the camera.  I believe that my experience in the post-production end of this business has made me a better director of photography.


I went freelance in 1982 and left the Moviola behind me for good.  Armed with a 16mm film camera and a recently purchased video camera I soon pursued my career as a director of photography.  My enthusiasm for shooting has been rewarded with numerous awards including two Cine Golden Eagles, a few Tellys, a couple Joeys, two National Emmy Awards and others.  


I feel fortunate to have worked in some of our planet’s most exotic locations.   I am just as happy training my lens on Bengal tigers in India, a salt caravan in the Sahara Desert at sunset or the latest technological achievement from the Silicon Valley.


Some of my more interesting assignments include shooting Jazz in Cuba, the Pyramids of Egypt, wildlife and the Zambeze River in Zimbabwe, a children’s peace group in Moscow, a remote dive resort 500 miles off the shore of South Sulewesi, the rice fields of Bali, to the headhunting tribes of Papua New Guinea as well as some of the most beautiful and remote spots in America.  I consider myself as someone who is well traveled and one who travels well.


I believe I bring a passion for the art form to every job I do.  I have often been asked what I could see myself doing if I wasn’t in this business.  Honestly, there is nothing I’d rather be doing.  I feel both lucky and blessed to have had the experiences I have had working on so many interesting projects with so many interesting people. 

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